We’re global too. And 100% remote.

Join us in helping companies build their global, remote teams, wherever they are in the world.

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We’re committed to talent, not location.

Our passion is to help companies build international teams by bringing the world’s talent to their door.

It’s only natural we’d do the same with the way we work.

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Diversity moves us.

Being global allos us to have a diverse group of personalities, ideas and identities with us. We love it that way.

People of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, veterans, and people from other minority groups: we encourage you to apply.

People are, and always will be, first.

Playground session every week.

We laugh, we get comfortable, we play games every week for one hour.

Async is part of our day-to-day.

We make sure everyone’s on the same page by using remote-friendly apps.

It’s life-work balance, here. Not the other way around.

People won’t be motivated to work if they’re not allowed to live their best life.

Hours don’t define work, what we make of them does.

Goals can be achieved in two hours. Sometimes, in eight. It’s ok both ways.

We don’t sit around the desk all day.

We go to the gym or enjoy a walk, mid-day. It’s our productive breaks.

We figure things out together.

We’re all humans. We support each other in our work and personal goals.

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Here’s what you’ll have when you join Panther.

Global insurance coverage

Everything you need to keep yourself healthy.

Stock options

Ownership for a team that helps Panther grow.

Office budget

Whether it’s for your typical desk setting, or a lounge chair for a workday at the beach.

Company retreat

We’ll meet ocasionally, somewhere in the world.

Paid time off

You’ll get X days of paid time off to decompress.

Team games

Every Monday, we play games together.

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